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Pretty Little Town

What do you think of when you think of the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular. Frozen tundra? Cornfields? The Heartland? Small towns?
All of these elements go into the songs on 'Pretty Little Town'. From the honky tonk story in "Dark Tavern Blues" to the resurgence of hope in "The Winter of '96", to the joy of rock and roll in "Unsafe At Any Speed" and "Guitar Problem".
Everyday life, salt of the earth characters, journeyman musicianship, and a pinch of humor are the elements for The Midwesterners' "Pretty Little Town."
The production, along with the drumming, were done by Mark Haines (Son Volt, Rainer Marie), the doghouse bass was done by Dennis Reifsteck of the Swing Crew,
and the steel guitar was done by Frank Anderson.
Released in 2001 this is the Midwesterners sophmore offering.
"Rollicking Americana" The Onion
"Twangy Americana and polished roots rock" The Isthmus
Maximum Ink, Dave Luecinger---- "the group has remained true to form, a bit each of Dave Edmunds, Webb Wilder, and Chris Isaac winding through descriptive and often autobiographical lyrics."
"One of the best songwriters in the genre" Rockzilla World

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