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On The Outside
He knew where he was in the same old place
A born outsider in the same old race
He wandered back and forth most all the time
Crossin? borders of the solitary kind
Learnin? how to live on the outside

His story?s made up and nothin?s gonna change
Down a new corridor in the same old maze
Any wind can blow when you?re on the loose
You gotta find somethin? you can hold onto
Learnin? how to live on the outside

Travelin' fast travelin' light tired of travelin' both day and night
Runnin' from or runnin' to, runnin' was all there was left to do

Now leavin? was a habit he was learnin? to hate
His whole life was lookin? as grey as this day
He started from nothin? too many times
He?d lost before now he knew the price
Learnin? how to live on the outside
Learnin? how to live on the outside
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Producer Credits: Richard Wiegel/Mark Haines
Performance Credits: Richard Wiegel guitar vocals; Mark Haines drums, Dennis Reifsteck standup bass
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length: 3:20
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: -