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Still Waters


An all-instrumental CD recorded, mixed,and mastered on Pro Tools in my home studio; "Wiegel Room." Recorded in summer 2018 in one hot week in July (we had to keep turning off the AC so you wouldn't hear it on the recording), and mixed in January 2019 during the polar vortex. A study in contrasts! Many thanks to Pat Davis for helping with that, and Jim Wildeman for the album art.
2. TEARS (Django Reinhardt)*
3. ASHOKEN FAREWELL (Grian MacGregor)*
4. CIELITO LINDO (Quirino Mendoza y Cortes)**
5. THE WATER IS WIDE (traditional)**
6. JITTERBUG WALTZ (Fats Waller)**
7. CANNONBALL RAG (Merle Travis)*
8. SWAMP DOG BLUES (Mike Dowling)***
9. WINDY AND WARM (John D. Loudermilk)*
10. FESTIVAL OF THE PINES-Jocelyn's Theme (Richard Wiegel)*
11. KILLING THE BLUES (Rowland Salley)***
12. LA VIE EN ROSE (Edith Piaf-Louiguy)**
13. BOOGIE WOOGIE DANCE (Hudson Whittaker aka Tampa Red)***
14. THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT (Soloman Linda)*
15. PACHELBEL'S CANON ((Johann Pachelbel)*

1953 Gibson J-45 guitar standard tuning *, dropped D tuning**
1959 Gibson SJ guitar open C tuning*** (bottle neck slide)
cover photo, graphics by Jim Wildeman.
www.RichardWiegel.bandcamp.com www.TheMidwesterners.com