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Do You Ever Think About Me
I've been a' wonderin' a long long time
What's behind those mysterious eyes
I've got a question burnin' deep
Do you ever think about me

I don't go buyin' those fancy books
They're just as confusin' as readin' your looks
I'm come right out and say it plain as can be
Do you ever think about me

Think about when the night are cold
Think about in the evenin' breeze
Think about when you're all along
And in your wildest dreams

I could talk all night and day
Tryin' to find the words to make you stay
I'll ask you even though it makes my knees weak
Do you ever think about me
Lyric Credits: R. Wiegel
Music Credits: R. Wiegel
Song Length: 2:15
Primary Genre: Rock-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll