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Everyday Livin' Is Tough
If you?re lookin? for troubles, honey I got ?em
Can?t count the times I hit rock bottom
I can help you girl when the goin? gets rough
?Cause everyday livin? is tough

I?ve seen some times when I barely got by
Makin? ends meet behind steel and wire
Pushin? everyday things can get rough
Everyday livin? is tough

Honey don?t you see, don?t you understand
All I wanna be is your everyday man
I?ll be right beside you when the river comes up
?Cause everyday livin? is tough

I?m a steel drivin? man I can take the heat
I?m like a cat always land on my feet
I?ll be with you baby when you?re goin? through stuff
?Cause everyday livin? is tough
Lyric Credits: Richard Wiegel
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel/John Hauser
Producer Credits: Mike Hoffmann/Richard Wiegel
Publisher Credits: We Bend Music
Performance Credits: Tom LaVarda bass, Rick Becker drums, Mike Hoffmann guitar, Richard Wiegel guitar/vocals, John Chimes organ
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length: 3:46
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: -