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Anything Goes
Saturday night at the local corner tap
We tune the guitars and push the tables back
Me and the boys will be rockin? till the early light
And anything goes on saturday night

Pushin? and a lovin?, shovin? and a carryin? on
Drinkin? and thinkin? shoutin? and talkin? sweet talk
Lovers and high rollers rubbin? shoulders all night long
Boys at the bar layin? hard earned money down


Anything goes, anything goes
Lookin? for love under neon light
Anything goes anything goes
Lookin? for love to make you feel right
Anything goes on saturday night

Sally?s at a corner table lookin? for a fallen man
Billy walks in takin? off his wedding band
He?s soon in trouble it don?t take very long
Sally move fast she?s a woman of much renown


Somebody tell the latest news
Billy?s in a corner makin? his move
Here comes his wife it?s a hell of a fight
But she?s soon on the dance floor holdin? him tight
Lyric Credits: Richard Wiegel
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Producer Credits: Mike Hoffmann/Richard Wiegel
Publisher Credits: We Bend Music
Performance Credits: Mike Hoffmann guitar, Richard Wiegel guitar-vocals, Dennis Reifsteck standup bass, Mark Haines drums
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length: 3:30
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: -