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Waitin' For Somethin' To Break
Been layin? low catchin? up on TV
Girl you don?t know how it?s hurtin? me
Waitin? for somethin? to break x2
Sleepin? all day well it?s just my way of waitin?......

Got all my business in a portfolio
Don?t wanna forget what I already know
Waitin?....... x2
I?m ready to go get in the big show waitin?.....

Well I?m mindin? my p?s and I?m mindin? my q?s
I find a little nip take away these blues
I find a little drinkin? stimulate my thinkin? waitin?.....

If I sleep a little in the middle of the afternoon
Girl I?m just gettin? ready for to make my move
Girl this ain?t no dream I?m buildin? up steam

Poltician tell it?s a gonna trickle down
Well it?s still a nickle in and still a nickle out
I?m twistin? in the wind ?till my ship comes in waitin?....

Girl one or these days we?re gonna hit it big
Better drive that old Ford ?till I get a new gig
Playin? it smooth ?till I hit my groove waitin?.....

If You?re like me and I know I am
I like a little jelly with my jam waitin...
I?m ready to go, get in the big show

Lyric Credits: Richard Wiegel
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Producer Credits: Richard Wiegel
Performance Credits: John Chimes piano; Richard Wiegel guitar vocals; Ernie Conner guitar backround vocals; Tom McCarty upright bass; Mark Haines drums
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length: 3:08
Primary Genre: Country-Honky Tonk
Secondary Genre: -