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Roll With The Punches

Learned a long time ago there?d be days like this
When everything you?re gonna do was hit or miss
You got to roll with the punches
? ??
That?s all you can do with the crazy life blues got to
Roll with the punches

Laundromatic episode washer number nine
My old friend Rocco and that gal of mine
You got to Roll......

Some days come together some days it all falls apart
Your?e ridin? down the road got your honey with you
Then the wheels fall right off the car

Supermarket line ten items or less
She got the dog she got the kids got the hair what a mess
That?s all you can do ?bout the crazy life blues got to roll.......
Lyric Credits: Richard Wiegel/Mike Forkal
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Producer Credits: Richard Wiegel
Performance Credits: Richard Wiegel guitar vocals; Ernie Conner guitar backround vocals; Tom McCarty upright bass; Mark Haines drums
Label Credits: Darlingtone Records
Song Length: 2:41
Primary Genre: Country-Honky Tonk
Secondary Genre: -