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Richard Wiegel live on WORT 12-31-14
all instrumental
Story Behind the Song:
Richard Wiegel live on WORT with Bill Malone
Bill Malone has hosted a program on WORT for over 15 years called 'Back To The Country', wednesday mornings on WORT 89.9fm. He kindly asked me to come on his show and play a couple songs and talk about my new CD 'Wiegel Room'. I played Wiegel Room, Descending, and Wednesday Blues live in the studio, and Bill played Candi, Pat's Blues and Continental Blues from the CD. (Bill and his wife Bobbie, myself, and the Kristy Larson Honky Tonk Trio also perform as the "Back To The Country Revue".) We covered a lot of ground including my 50 years as a performing musician, growing up in a musical family, and future plans. Thanks Bill and Bobbie and WORT for supporting live, local music.
Music Credits: Richard Wiegel
Publisher Credits: We Bend Music
Performance Credits: R. Wiegel
Song Length: 26:29
Primary Genre: Blues-Country
Secondary Genre: Blues-Traditional
Similar Artist 1: Doc Watson