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Full Moon Werewolves2015
Full Moon Werewolves 2015

Full moon out tonight, full moon out tonight

Racin' down the highway with a motor for a friend
I'd been on the road three days not sure where I'd been
My Chevrolet was hot I saw the lights around the been
So I pulled into the truckstop for a cup of midnight blend

The parking lot was empty not another soul around
I tried to get some gasoline but no one could be found
I walked into the cafe for my cup of finely ground
Just then the clock stuck midnight and I heard a howlin' sound

Full moon out to night, full moon out tonight

The waitress was a pretty girl with hair as black as coal
I tumbled off her shoulders fell almost to the ground
Her skin was kinda pale she looked a little like a ghost
She asked me what I wanted I said just a cup a joe

I felt a strange sensation when I looked into her eyes
She said we have some r ¥ooms in back why don't you stay the nite
She brought my coffee over and that's when I saw her smile
She had a couple extra teeth, an awful overbite

Full moon out tonight, full moon out tonight

I was feelin' funny but at least the brew was good
I got up to get some sugar underneath the kitchen hood
I couldn't believe my eyes I had to take another look
Behind the smokey grill there was a wherewolf for a cook

I started headin' for the door my stay was overspent
The waitress said hey bud that mud will cost you fifty cents
That's when she said why don't you stay and we could become
I said thank you ma'am but I'm pretty sure I ain't never comin'
back again

Full moon out tonight, full moon out tonight
Full moon out tonight, full moon out tonight
Story Behind the Song:
Full Moon Out Tonight was recorded in 1991 for The Midwesterners debut album. I sampled that recording and added new vocals and guitar. Now it's a good rock n' roll Halloween song.
Lyric Credits: R. Wiegel
Music Credits: R. Wiegel
Performance Credits: The Midwesterners
Song Length: 2:57
Primary Genre: Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Secondary Genre: -