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Out Of The Blue

Richard Wiegel has been a fixture on the Madison,Wisconsin music scene for more than 30 years. In groups like The Midwesterners, Johnny and the Hawaiians, Out of the West, The Swing Crew, Clicker and the Bowery Boys, Richard's guitar work has always been exciting and stirring.

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Now he has added solo acoustic performance to his credentials. Combining several genres of music, from rock to ragtime, blues to jug band music, jazz to rockabilly, Richard blends them seamlessly into an entertaining album.

Taking a cue from Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, and Mississippi John Hurt, Richard plays in the finger-picking style pioneered by these greats. And now his new CD, "Out of the Blue", pays tribute to these men. It's a collection of some of the greatest songs of the last century, from St. Louis Blues and Deep Water Blues, to La Vie En Rose and A Good Girl is Hard To Find, and even a finger-picking version of a Chuck Berry song, The Thirteen Question Method. Guitar and vocals were all done live in the studio, adding a measure of immediacy to the performances. Recorded at DNA Studios, and mixed at Smart Studios in Madison by Mark Haines, top quality was assured.
    Blue Days Black Nights
    My Creole Belle
    Goodbye My Bluebelle
    St. Louis Blues
    A Good Girl Is Hard To Find
    Louis Collins
    Thirteen Question Method
    Here Comes The Sun
    Nobody's Business
    Deep River Blues
    Windy And Warm
    La Vie En Rose